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The majority of the past year I have been coding custom websites tied to MYSQL databases tailored to the application. The majority of my background has been in the design and development of high technology chip sets and computer systems. This includes high performance parallel system. microprocessor, and digital signal processors. I also have extensive experience product analysis and bill of materials costing of high volume consumer electronics.

Recently, I have decided to branch out to coding custom websites tied to MYSQL databases tailored to the application. Unlike “cookie cutter” solutions, my websites target a client’s unique warehouse, inventory, and store requirements.

I discovered the need for these non-cookie cutter website when a company asked me to develop a website for them. They had locations throughout the US. Their inventory was made up of a wide range of new and used items. Some items needed repair while most were lacking identification numbers. Additionally, individual items could change locations multiple times. Existing options did not address their needs within their desired budget. TGS Consulting provided a cost effective solution.

Because of my recent entry into the field, I am offering introductory rates of:

  • $35 per hour plus expenses.
  • Flat rates are negotiable.

These rates include the development of a work agreement and all of the required coding. They do not include expenses to secure domains, hosting plans, SSL certificates, etc.

Examples of previous work are:

MSW Analytics, Inc.

Green Clover Contracting

Think America Think

For examples of a Retail Sore or Warehouse Operations click the following links.

Retail Store

Warehouse Operations

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