Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operations

TGS Consulting provides the experience and capability to tailor a database to the client’s unique needs. These warehouse/inventory operations can be stand-alone functions. They can also be tied to an application or applications. With “Warehouse Operations” clients can structure their database to provide the information necessary to manage their inventory. Tailoring the database to the client’s unique needs, improves the management of their inventory and warehouse. For the purpose of this demonstration these warehouse functions are tied to the retail store.

Sample Inventory report

An example of being able to customize your functions is how photos are handled in the demonstration. The basic idea being that you might want to separate types of photos. Some photos could be for internal use only. Their quality might be ok to identify the item but not for customer viewing. Others can be used in the store for your customers.

The function “Upload Photo(s)” allows you to automatically upload as many photos for a product as you want. However, unless the photo is marked via the “Website Photo(s)” function it will not be shown to the customer in the retail store.

To the right is a menu for navigating through the warehouse operations.

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