Retail Store

Retail Store

There are a variety of applications and hence websites that could make use of a customer defined interface with an optimized database. TGS Consulting has the experience and capability to develop and deliver a cohesive website optimized to a MYSQL database. A retail store is used to demonstrate the capability to deliver a customer defined interface with an optimized database.

This retail store is set up so a customer can browse the inventory and create a “working cart” without having to enter an email address. Having collected items in the “working cart” the customer can then select the items they would like to purchase and move them into a “shopping cart”. When a customer elects to add an item to a cart, they will have to enter an email address as a way to identify their cart. Once in the “shopping cart” the customer can then create an account and then create an order. Along the way, the customer has the option of adding or removing items from their cart(s).

This example is setup to accept payments through PayPal. Obviously this option can be extended to include whatever the customer requires. While PayPal can be selected as the payment option, a purchase cannot be completed completed because the PayPal account information is missing.

To the right is a brief menu for navigating through the store.

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