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Tired of Website Templates that Don’t Fit Your Business Model? Try Websites by TGS.

TGS Consulting (TGSC) offers custom websites optimized to MYSQL databases that meet your unique needs. All this without the high cost of custom website design or requiring a software engineer on the payroll.

You know your target audience. They can easily find you. They want your products. This sounds like the recipe for success for a business with an online presence. If your website isn’t designed to help customers find your products quickly and easily, you can lose the perfect customer! Unfortunately, this happens frequently, just because of the website design. If the products cannot be inventoried and searched easily – people will leave your site. The TGS solution – custom websites optimized to MYSQL databases.

Again, TGSC offers cost effective websites that are custom coded. Focusing on functions not available in “cookie cutter” options. In addition, my clients have direct communications with me (owner and designer) which minimizes the chances of mis-communications in the development of the application. Here are several examples of customized functions that Websites by TGS provides:

  • Proprietary MYSQL database organized for:
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Unique Product Identifiers
  • Inventory Control:
  • Move Locations
  • Monitor Quantities
  • Photo Control:
  • Photos for Identification only
  • Photos for the Retail Store

Adding and controlling your inventory is easy. Linking your inventory and photos to your store is automatic and convenient. In addition to giving your business top-tier appearance, the application is customized to meet your requirements.

Navigate to the “Retail Store” and Warehouse Operations” pages to see examples of the currently available functions.


Examples of previous work are:

MSW Analytics, Inc.

Green Clover Contracting

Think America Think

For examples of a Retail Sore or Warehouse Operations click the following links.

Retail Store

Warehouse Operations

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